Treat is a concept salon that number one focus is treatments for natural and relaxed and transitioning hair. Here we couple our hair and scalp treatments with education as we assist our clients in how to properly detangle, shampoo, condition, blow dry and style both thermal and setting for natural styles themselves. This is huge! With doing this we help so many stop the damaging regiments they were using as daily maintenance for their hair. Created by Alexis, licensed Beauty Pro and Healthy Hair Advocate of 15 years. Why treatments, one might ask? I was honestly concerned for all of my clients hair during the shut down due to COVID. " What in the world is their hair going to look and feel like when I see them again? " That was my question to myself daily when I thought about my clients because most of them solely depended on me for all of their hair care needs.


Fast forward to the salon reopening, every client that sat in my chair had either developed scalp issues, damaged hair, hair loss, or worse all three! While yes, I know some clients tried as best as they could to care for their hair and some didn't do much of anything because their natural hair was simply too much of a responsibility.



Now, this presented a unique set of circumstances for me because amid a pandemic nothing was normal, and there wasn't a definitive answer for anything. Being solution driven, I took several things into consideration before developing a plan to resolve this issue such as:

* Salon visits weren't as frequent for most due to Covid.

* Hair care wasn't as much of a priority as it had been previously for some.

* Because of the economy many cut their budget for haircare and services. 

* Those choosing to wear their hair in its natural state or protective style instead of straightend. 

* Clients deciding to take matters into their own hands and straighten their hair themselves. 

Considering all of these things and more, I realized I had the resolve all along to eliminate the issues that clients were experiencing with their hair. Smoothing treatments and hair vitamins ! These smoothing treatments are made of silk proteins and amino acids and use thermal therapy technology to activate the treatment. This treatment temporarily stretches the disulfide bonds inside the hair shaft and elongate the natural. While also infusing all the vitamins and proteins directly into each individual hair strand, now this is when the magic happens. Once I started implementing these treatments my clients saw immediate results with repairing the damage and noticing that they have manageablity with their hair. 

This is why we do what we do at Treat! Having the ability to service and educate clients with life changing treatments,so that they can maintain the most healthy head of hair possible while on their personal healthy hair journey. This is the Treat salon concept.